Payment methods

Do you want to pay by check ?

You can give it directly to Phil or Eric, or send it to the address below.

Do you want to do a bank transfer ?

You can send the money to the following account : (BE@T account domicilied at CCM Toulouse st Agne)
RIB: 10278 02206 00020469901 79
IBAN : FR76 1027 8022 0600 0204 6990 179

Do you prefere cash ?

Put your cash in an envelope with your name and the amount writted on. And give it directly to Phil or Eric.

You can also pay with Paypal.

Take your credit card or your Paypal account and use the button below.
Be aware paying with Paypal with add fees 3.4% of the initial price with a fixe charge of 0,25€. The final price is indicated into the choices list linked to the Paypal button.

Sending Address

5 Avenue A. Briand
31400 Toulouse

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