La Sainte Dynamo

Thursday evening

By Warm Blues

La Sainte Dynamo
6 rue Amélie
31000 Toulouse


Friday evening

Trac ballroom
43 rue Alfred Duméril
31400 Toulouse

Studio Hop

Saturday evening

The Studio Hop
4bis avenue de Rangueil
31400 Toulouse

Ma Bulle en Santé

Sunday afternoon

Ma Bulle en Santé
95 allées Charles de Fitte
31300 Toulouse

Gilles Vezien

Sunday evening

Gilles Vézien ballroom
5 place Roger Arnaud
31400 Toulouse

Friday and Saturday evenings, we will have the pleasure to enjoy the now famous crepes by Laurent-Luc!

Sunday, we will book a table at the restaurant Le Vaudeville, situated just a few meters away from the party venue. If you want to come, the registration will be held during Friday party.

"Per Tolosa totjorn mai"

"For Toulouse, always more"

Toulouse is characterised by a very rich cultural melting-pot, a warm atmosphere and life style.

With 450 000 residents (900 000 for the agglomeration), it is the fourth most populated city in France, behind Paris, Marseille and Lyon. It is ranked for many years now as the most welcoming French city, and is also the European capital of aeronautics and space industries.

Toulouse the pink city, sang by Nougaro, got its nickname from the red brick, present everywhere, a specificity of Toulouse's architecture. The development of the violet growing during the XIX century made this flower the symbol of the city. Toulouse is sometimes called “Cité des Violettes”.

The Canal du Midi is part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites list since 1996, and the Saint Sernin Basilic (the largest remaining Romanesque building in Europe) since 1998, as part of the Santiago de Compostela route. The main sport in Toulouse is rugby, the town team owning the biggest list of victories in France and in Europe. The cassoulet and Toulouse's sausage are the two main culinary specialities from Toulouse and its surroundings.

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