Terms and conditions

Disclaimer :

Blues dancing is a physical activity. As such, you assume the risks involved in its practice. The association BE@T shall not be liable for any injury during our event. In addition, the association BE@T will not be responsible for your belongings. Its responsibility can not be engaged for any loss or damage to your property during the event.

Participation :

In order to ensure the smooth running of the event, and this in a safe and respectful environment, the association BE@T reserves the right to refuse access to its activities to anyone who would prove physically or verbally aggressive, or who fail to respect for anyone. In the same vein, the association BE@T reserves the right to ask anyone with inappropriate behavior to leave.
In both cases, no refund can be demanded.

Modifications :

The association BE@T reserves the right to modify the program, venues, times and prices without prior notice. You can regularly check any changes and information on BE@T website (http://b-e-a-t.fr/en.html).

Photos and videos :

Participation to the Blues Exchange @ Toulouse constitutes acceptance of being photographed or filmed, but also implies acceptance of the use of the media by the association BE@T for its own promotion. Personal photos and films of the different event activities are authorized

Accomodation :

The association BE@T will make every effort to link participants seeking an accommodation and local volunteers who will offer accommodations. However, the association does not undertake to find accommodation for participants.
In addition, local offering to host undertake to provide sleeping (bed, sofa, mattress on the floor ...) and access to the bathroom and the kitchen. They are not required to carry the accommodated persons nor feed them. It’s up to the hosts’ good willing, this is by no means an obligation.

Repayment :

You have 2 weeks after receiving confirmation of registration to pay your pass or your parties, otherwise the association BE@T reserves the right to cancel your registration in order not to discriminate against people on the waiting list. If you have bought and paid your pass but you can not come, two options are available to you:
* You can transfer your pass to someone you have found on your own. For this, you should contact the association BE@T by email no later than September 10, 2017 and tell us the coordinates of the other person. The transfer does not include a refund, you must arrange with that person.
* You can ask for a partial refund. You must also make the request by email before 10 September 2017. The association BE@T will retain a fee of € 10 to cover administration costs. Beyond the date of 10 September 2017, no refund will be possible.